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Taxi Travel

Taxis are the most convenient way to get around cities. They’re not cheap, but if you need to get somewhere fast or are unfamiliar with the area, a taxi (monit in Hebrew) is your best bet. Hail one on the street or order by phone. Taxis are white sedans with a yellow sign on the roof. On the whole, drivers are knowledgeable, talkative, and like to practice their English with tourists. But be warned: some try to take advantage of tourists, charge hefty prices, or run up the meter.

According to law, taxi drivers must use the meter. Be firm when you request this (moneh is meter in Hebrew) and make sure the meter is running at the beginning of the ride. The exception is if you hire a driver for the day or a trip out of town, for which there are set rates. In those cases, agree on the price before you begin the journey and assume that the driver has built in a tip. In the event of a serious problem with the driver, report his cab number (on the illuminated plastic sign on the roof) or license plate number to the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Transport. It is not customary to tip drivers.

Certain shared taxis or minivans have fixed rates and run set routes, such as from Tel Aviv to Haifa or from the airport to Jerusalem or Haifa; such a taxi is called a sherut (as opposed to a "special," the term used for a private cab). Some sheruts can be booked in advance.

Sheruts are an option if traveling between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They operate from the (grungy) side street alongside Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station seven days a week, departing when they fill up (NIS 24 on weekdays; NIS 35 on Saturday). They end their journey with stops near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and 31 Haneviim Street, about a block from Zion Square. From Jerusalem, the sherut leaves from 31 Haneviim Street. A "special" cab on this route costs NIS 320, or about NIS 350 after 9 pm and on Saturday and holidays.

Jerusalem Taxi Contacts

Hapalmach. 02/679–3333.

Hapisgah. 02/642–1111.

Rehavia. 02/625–4444.

Smadar. 02/566–4444.

Eilat Taxi Contacts

Hacohanim. 08/631–6007.

Taba. 08/633–3333.


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