Getting Past the Bouncer

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Getting Past the Bouncer

It shouldn't surprise any nightlife lover that the more branché (literally, "plugged-in" or trendy) the spot, the knottier the door-entry issue will be. Most bars aren't a problem, but when it comes to clubbing, don't assume you're going to get in just because you show up. This is particularly true at the hot spots near the Champs-Élysées. Although a limo at your disposal and global fame aren't essential to pass muster, you absolutely must have a cocky yet somehow simultaneously polite attitude and look fabulous. Having a high female quotient in your party definitely helps (models are a particular plus). Solo men—or, worse, groups of men—are going to have a tougher time, unless they are high rollers and have reserved a table (bottle purchase obligatoire).


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