Piotrkowska Klub


Copyright: Kierin Mannix/Unsplash.com
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Piotrkowska Klub

The city’s biggest club is set within a two-floored glass enclosure and covered in red velvet all around with dimly-lit, low-key lamps. The toilet alone is a tourist destination in and of itself – it has glass floors and two-way mirrors.

Bars & Nightlife

Lodz’s selection of drinking establishments ranges from gritty student pubs for downing pints to fashionable and trendy places to sip a cocktail and people-watch the nouveau riche and fashionable. The greatest majority are placed around the most central blocks of ul. Piotrkowska. Thanks to its active and sophisticated student population, Lodz’s nightlife rivals some of the best places to dance in Europe. Put away any thoughts of Poland being old, grey and communist and put on your dancing shoes on instead.