Mexico: From Kingdoms to Colonization

03/06/2020 through 08/29/2021
01/01/2015 through 09/01/2021

Mexico: From Kingdoms to Colonization
Destinations: Mexico City | Tetotihuacán | San Miguel de Allende | Guanajuato | Morelia | Pátzcuaro
Hotels: Las Alcobas, Rosewood, Hotel Villa Maria Cristina, Casa de La Real Aduana
Discover the architectural delights and rich artisan culture of Mexico City and the Aztec archaeological site of Teotihuacan, the largest city in pre-Columbian America. Travel to the revolution-era city of San Miguel de Allende to see Frida Khalo’s lost etchings, and enjoy a hands-on class at the renowned Sazon Cooking School. Explore the colonial gems of Guanajuato and Morelia-both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit villages at Lake Patzcuaro, famous for its artisan culture, and Santa Clara del Cobre, known for its elaborate silver work. On this nine-day journey through the traditions and architecture of Mexico’s past, you’ll visit ancient ruins, elegant cathedrals, traditional casas and museums with expert local guides who bring the country’s fascinating colonial history to life.
Journey Pace: Active

Starts any day.
January to December


Day 1 Arrive Mexico City, Mexico
Day 2 Mexico City
Day 3 Mexico City to Teotihuacán & San Miguel Allende
Day 4 San Miguel
Day 5 San Miguel to Guanajuato
Day 6 Guanajuato to Morelia & Patzcuaro
Day 7 Pátzcuaro
Day 8 Tzintzuntzan & Santa Clara del Cobre
Day 9 Depart Pátzcuaro & Morelia

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